Friday, October 15, 2010

250 Follower Giveaway!

I've decided that once either my Facebook Business Fan Page or my blog reach 250 followers, which ever comes first, I will hold a give away!
To participate, post on Facebook or on my blog your favorite item in my shop. Linking to the picture in the shop is especially helpful so everyone else can see what you are talking about!

Also, in order to reach the intended goal of 250 followers faster,
please Tweet this, make suggestions to friends on Facebook, and Tweet
and follow my blog to get the word out! I will chose the old fashioned
way, by putting your names on a piece of paper and having my husband pick the winner. If there is a large enough response, there will also
be a runner-up chosen.

One entry per person. 

TotallyToTheT on Facebook:


  1. Love these matte green stone buttons.

    off to tweet now!