Friday, October 15, 2010

1st Featured Artist Friday selection is...

Tocadora Leather of Etsy!

I am in love with her leather cuffs! And, if you are familiar with my Etsy and Artfire shops, then you recognize the button on this cool cuff. In short, that is the story of how I found Tocadora Leather on

The 2 main things I like about the way items are created in this shop:

1) She buys some of her supplies from other handmade artists, giving them credit for their creations when she uses them in one of her pieces. It's professional and spreads the love in the handmade community.

2) She uses recycled, repurposed leather belts and gives them a new life! How many times has my husband just thrown away an old belt because the holes were worn out or an edge was frayed? What else do you use an old belt for besides adorning a pair of pants? You make *sweet* stylish wrist cuffs! This also means that each piece is an individual piece of unique art that is not mass-produced.

"Tocadora Leather is your place for fun and fashionable leather accessories made from primarily recycled materials. Anything is fair game to be repurposed into jewelry that is tough, cool, comfortable...and maybe just a bit unusual."

Another gorgeous example:So in the spirit of Feature Artist Friday and Follow Friday:
1) Check out this wicked cool shop!
2) Buy if you are so inspired.
3) Comment on this post and let us know which of this artist's pieces you most admire.
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Rock the handmade love, y'all!

(The author did not receive any compensation for this feature nor did she request any. The featured seller was notified of the feature after the fact. Sort of like an Ambush or SneakAttack!)


  1. That is a seriously cool shop...had to heart it:0)

  2. I love the creative use of your button by this artist. What a cool and eco-friendly shop :)