Friday, July 23, 2010

Progress on the felted purse and the kiln gods are aglow

It turns out needle felting can be done safely in a moving car as long as you are not riding on a bumpy dirt road. Erik and I took a little drive and I decided to take the purse with me and use the time riding shotgun as an opportunity to complete my project from the previous post. I was able to correct my wet felting mistakes quite easily and I must say, sturdily, by needle felting the seams as well as needle felting decorative edges using super-soft white bamboo fibers I bought at Earth Guild in the felting section.
The purse project turned out okay but now I have to figure out what to do for a closure. I suppose I could sew a snap closure. But I would really prefer to make either a polymer clay button or perhaps a porcelain or stoneware button. I might play around with some ideas and come back to this at another time.

The kiln gods are aglow...

and will exit their sanctuary tomorrow!
Out of all my crafts and hobbies, I have been doing ceramics the longest. Every glaze firing is an exciting surprise! I am considering selling my wares at one of the local Saturday Tailgate Markets but I have not made any commitments yet.

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