Sunday, August 28, 2011

Birds of a feather...

flock together.

My 6 chickens, 3 Comets all named Haley and 3 Black Sex Link x Rhode Island Red Crosses all named Francine.  They are such sweet girls!

One of the Haley's always goes to the same spot under the rhodie bush every time and settles in for pecking and napping. 

Workin' girls, eatin' bugs and keepin' the grass mowed down for me!

They stay in a secure coop while I am at work.  We live on several acres surrounded by woods outside of Asheville, NC and coyotes and bears among other wildlife are often spotted.  I would love to be able to let them out all day, but I feart for their safety.  I would love to hear from fellow chicken keepers, see your chicken websites or blogs.  So drop me a line!


  1. How cute!

    No chickens here, but there are bears, coyotes, bobcats and even spotted a mountain lion.


  2. We have bears and coyotes too. But not as pets. ;) And chickens are natural prey items. Not a good combo. Raccoons will also go after chickens.

    For some reason Blogger is not letting me comment on my own posts through Goggle. Weird!